Energy Healing

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Crystal Meanings


Apophyllite is a stone of right choices and psychic ability.

It manifest future sensing. And the ability of knowing what to do in the now for the best to manifest in the future.

Involves spiritual insights.


Opalite is a man made crystal with many reflections in colour.

It facillitates energy and everyday work effectivity.

Energy to do fun stuff for your self and others.

An inspired mentality for life.

Hematite (Quartz)

Hematite infused with quartz is a really powerful vibrant stone for self empowerment.

It powerfully attracts love and has the ability to drastically improve your life.


Prehnite is extremely powerful crystal for calming and psychic.

It connects you to inner divine guidance and helps you to help and guide other people and your self.

It connects you to angels, future self, multidimensional self, future, past, timeline, extraterrestials, after life, nature and the archangels.


chrysocolla is a genuine stone of acceptance.

accepting others. 

and Also Inner and outer genuine peace with no fear.

and positive thinking.


Larimar is a crystal for clearing any doomsday thoughts and emotions. and is excellent to clear anxiety and fears / phobias.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz is great for grounding energies and protecting from harm.

Also clearing radiation. and Protecting the space of self.


Obsidian is good for protection and clearing curses.

also healing past Lifes.

Apache Tear Obsidian

Apache Tear obsidian is perfect for anyone who has been or have been bullied or attacked.

Apache tear obsidian is like a normal obsidian but is transparent when having light in the background.

Apache tear obsidian is perfect for clearing cords.

Cords is invisible bonds to other people, energies, places, memories, times.

Meaning you will get a more harmonious life after having it.

And it is perfect for anyone who is a healer.


Shungite is great for healing, protecting against EMF and Shielding and Grounding.

Shungite is associated with Merlin.

Fire Agate

fire agate is good for attacking all that attacks you. Protection, Protecting from harm and generat energy.


Lepidolite is a dear stone to me. It looks Beautiful and the most powerful are the slice version of the crystal.

It is perfect to clear Radiation, Healing DNA and Healing Past Lifes.


Quartz is great for making right choises. And Raising the vibration. And inducing Happiness. Also Positivity in thought processess.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is excellent for Creating Happiness and Lift Depression.

Also it can be good in wealth and abundance and prosperity of all kinds.


Zircon is great for balancing the energies of your home.

Aiming for optimum health.

And also clearing radio active radiation.


Wulfenite is great for clearing cords to past life. And extremely powerfully clears sexual cords.


Brookite is a bridge crystal. Connecting to your highest potential.